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New Life Integrative Health Centre has developed a philosophy for treating people:

Treat the whole person and not just the part or disease“.

Dr Michel realized that by only treating the disease or the affected part you missed the cause of the disease. Dr Michel also found that most people have not been taught how to take care of their health. The answer to the question “who taught you to take care of your liver, or your intestines?” is usually no one.

What all this leads to is a lot of people being mistreated and mistaught. Thus the creation of New Life Integrative Health Centre, a centre that includes: Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Weight loss, Musculo-skeletal Rehab, laser, educational programs, Radial shock wave therapy, whole body vibration and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

New Life Integrative Health Centre is a teaching treating centre designed to empower and improve all people.